Bitcoin Video Contest 2013

Bitcoin Video Contest 2013

Update 2013-09-03: And the winner is...

We at Bitmymoney believe it’s important not to tell how cool Bitcoin is, but to show it! That’s why I invite you to join our video contest and show the world how Bitcoin could be used.

The rules are simple: be creative, use max 60 seconds and submit it. The biggest prize is 500 euros… in bitcoins of course.


Make a video of max 60 seconds.

Submit your work of art:

  1. upload it to your Youtube channel
  2. post it on our contest Facebook page
  3. send us your final cut (mp4, avi, mov)

Submit before September 1st 2013 00:00 CET (contest runs in August).

You can use English or Dutch in your movie


The three videos with the most likes on our page, will win the contest. A fourth prize is awarded to our company's favorite.

Winners will be announced on the 2nd of September 12:00 CET on the Facebook contest page and

Contest rules

  • Video subject should be Bitcoin.
  • Video length may be maximum 60 seconds.
  • Max. 1 submission per participant.
  • Language in the video should be English or Dutch.
  • Video should be suitable for all audiences.
  • Submit before September 1st 2013 00:00 CET (contest runs in August).
  • All prizes will be paid in bitcoins, for the BTC-EUR MtGox exchange price at September 2nd 12:00 CET.
  • By posting your video on our page, you agree to the following:
    You grant Bitmymoney unrestricted use of your submission
    You retain copyright to your work, of course
  • Bitmymoney employees or shareholders can not participate.
  • Bitmymoney may remove your videos from the facebook page, when we think it does not follow these rules.
  • These rules can be subject to change.

Video subject: Bitcoin in the wild

Show how Bitcoin could be used, be creative! And keep it under 60 seconds... Participate

First prize: 500 euros (in bitcoins)

For the video with the most likes.

Second prize: 250 euros (in bitcoins)

The runner up.

Third prize: 100 euros (in bitcoins)

Facebook bronze.

Bitmymoney favorite: 1.00000000 bitcoin

Exactly one bitcoin. Facebook likes do not apply.